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Dear Instant Money Trader Subscriber,

Welcome aboard!

And thank you for joining me on what’s going to be a very profitable endeavor.

We’ll be spending a lot of time together over the course of the coming year. So first, please allow me to personally introduce myself and the methodologies that underpin my service by clicking the link below.


In the coming days, we’ll begin taking our share of the “instant money” that’s available everyday in the stock options market.

To do it, we’ll sell put option contracts to option buyers.

It sounds complicated, and I little daunting, I know. But take comfort in knowing that not only are the trades easy to make, but we’ll receive cash upfront. The cash comes straight from the option buyers themselves. And the balance appears – instantly – in our trading accounts.

Follow My Lead

Fear not traders. I do all the heavy lifting here.

I’ll be the one researching the stocks. I’m also the one picking the best option to sell. And the e-mailed alerts detailing the trade will come straight from me, too.

That’s where my experience as a floor trader serves me so well. I know every “in” and “out” of how options work. And over the past 20-plus years, I’ve perfected the system to be the most direct and profitable way to make instant money in the market for myself. And now I’ll be doing it for you.

The system is simple and we’ve done everything we can to assure that getting started is a reasonably easy process.

You can expect to get at least one to three trades a month, with weekly e-mailed updates sent straight to your inbox. All you have to do is execute the trade when the e-mail arrives.

You can make the trade online by yourself. Or your broker can help you with the transaction.

What You Need to Get Started

Allow me to discuss some specifics about your trading account. These types of trades can be done in any normal stock brokerage account.

If you’re not currently set up for options trading in your account, then you’ll need to talk to your broker to get you going. Specifically, you’ll need an account that allows you to sell put options.

Should you encounter problems getting such trading clearances, the folks at the full-service brokerage, Anderson Strudwick can help. They’re happy to answer any questions for you while getting your account set up.

Give them a call at 800.329.1984 or 321.293.0280 and ask for Greg Long. And please note that we receive no compensation for any business you do with Anderson Strudwick.

Now, I understand that many of you are still a little unclear on exactly how this strategy works, so that’s why I’ve included my newly-released report, “The Instant Money Basics.”

The report spells out in great detail how the strategy works. And why it’s such a great way to get your hands on cash upfront.

Below is the link to the report. Please click on it or copy and paste out the entire link into your Internet Browser:


Our Trading Team at 888.570.9830 or 410.454.0498 can answer any additional questions.

Once again, welcome to the Instant Money Trader. I hope to make you a smarter, more informed investor in addition to increasing your personal wealth. I look forward to communicating with you during your time as a member.


Lee Lowell

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