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The Profit Exploding Investment Brokers REFUSE to Tell You About

Capable of turning a mere $50 into windfall profits!

Here's how to take advantage of the opportunity
no one talks about...

Dear Reader,

This could be the only investment capable of turning as little as $50 into extraordinary wealth.

As some in the financial media pointed out, "[This investment class] gets so little attention... that you STILL have the opportunity to find some hidden gems."

And the real beauty of this opportunity is that you can get started with as little as $50.

Yet the fact remains that your broker is practically 'forbidden' from recommending this investment to you.

Why? Because the Wall Street elite know the reason this investment makes them so much money is because of its exclusivity – and that too much attention might 'water down' their quadruple-digit returns.

Even professional investors like Peter Lynch, Mario Gabelli and Warren Buffett aren't anxious to share this extraordinary investment with everyone.

But I don't want you to miss out on this opportunity...

And to assure that you don't, I've uncovered a way for everyday individuals who don't have millions to take advantage of this opportunity now – starting with just $50.

What's great is it doesn't require wealth to profit from this investment.

No special accounts are needed, either. There's no minimum investment required... and you don't need any special passcodes to get started.

And once you know how to make these trades, and because the upside is so tremendous – if you find just one winner – the gains could be staggering.

I've written this letter to show you exactly how to get started... and to give you complete details on three plays that could take off as soon as next week.

So what exactly is this investment opportunity? Why does Wall Street keep it from you? And can it really turn $50 into something truly significant?

The answers are in this letter...

So What Exactly is This Investment?

As you may have guessed, it's a certain kind of stock.

But it doesn't perform anything like a 'regular' stock.

This class of stocks moves 10 to 20 times faster than regular stocks.

Investors can pocket lightning-fast double- and triple-digit gains in a single day.

But here's the thing...

When most investors hear about these 'high-flying stocks,' they immediately think 'high risk.'

But we've uncovered a way to pinpoint these stocks – that makes these explosive little stocks less risky than the safest blue chips and potentially 10-times more profitable – with stealth-like accuracy.

The 'Forbidden' Investment Revealed
As you probably figured out, I'm talking about a certain kind of penny stock. And I'll admit that many penny stocks are garbage.

Our technique is entirely different than anything you've likely seen.

There's no hunches. No guesswork. And we never act on hot tips or hyped-up emails.

A Strategy That Makes Sense

Our process screens for companies exhibiting some, if not all of these characteristics:
  1. Earnings growth > 50% (and accelerating)

  2. Revenue growth > 30% (and accelerating)

  3. PEG Ratio < 1.50

  4. Debt-to-equity < 0.5

  5. Current-ratio > 1

  6. Return-on-equity > 20%

  7. Management ownership of stock > 10%

  8. Double-digit (and increasing) profit margins

  9. Market size of $1 billion or more

  10. Institutional accumulation

  11. Dividend yield < 1%

  12. Short interest < 25%

In short, we hone in on tomorrow's big gainers with pinpoint accuracy – using a robust, rigorous and completely proprietary 12-factor screening process. (See sidebar to the right for full details.)

By doing this we drilldown and target a very specific 'sub-niche' of penny stocks.

One that's almost always profitable.

It's a certain kind of penny stock that meets very specific criteria.

Introducing SAFE Penny Stocks

Fact is, our revolutionary screening method – which we spent five years perfecting – lets us identify SAFE penny stocks that can hand you astounding gains no matter what the market does.

Our process is so effective because it doesn't merely focus on the upside. That's the risky way to invest in penny stocks.

It also focuses on the downside.

You see, it weeds out risky stocks, too. It does so by targeting factors such as significantly leveraged balance sheets or pending legal problems that can undercut growth and the stock price.

This is why we believe that these penny stocks are one of the safest and easiest ways for you to get rich in the market today.

So how big could your returns be this year?

Make Explosive Gains This Year
The companies our strategy uncovers have the vision and drive to become the next Microsofts, Ciscos, Nikes and Home Depots of the world.

Here's a peek at three opportunities that could make you very rich in the coming year:


A Hypergrowth Niche Market Leader

If you’ve ever wondered how smartphones know if you’re holding it vertically or horizontally, you’re not alone. We’ve uncovered a little company that manufactures the high-tech sensors that makes this possible. It’s sitting on nearly $60 million in cash, has a slew of contracts with major Chinese phone manufacturers and is perfectly poised to capture a huge chunk of this surging niche.

"Fracking" Its Way to 2,400%

Thanks to the discovery of MASSIVE shale deposits in the Eagle Ford (Texas), Bakken (North Dakota) and Marcellus (Pennsylvania) formations, an immediate profit opportunity exists with companies in the hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" space. We just identified a micro-cap company experiencing a BOOM in demand. Sales in the last quarter increased by almost 2,400%, year-over-year. Even better, rumors suggest that this tiny company is a genuine takeover target. Gains could come especially fast here.

The Biometrics Revolution Leader

Personal and corporate security is more critical than ever, and we’ve isolated a small company with blue-chip clients like Dell, Motorola, Nokia and LG. Not surprising, when you consider its biometric fingerprinting sensors are the most accurate on the market… and it works on everything from personal computers to smartphones to tablets. Demand for this technology is set to skyrocket as consumers discover the importance of keeping private information more secure than Fort Knox.

In all likelihood, you won't hear about these companies on CNBC or see them in the pages of Fortune, Forbes, or Barron's. But we believe these tiny companies could return many times your money this year.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if one of these three companies becomes the most profitable stock we ever recommend.

Of course, I can't guarantee that every trade will be a winner, and even our 'safe' penny stocks involve some risk. But by investing just $50 to $250 at a time, our losses are always minimal.

And because just a $50 investment lets you control large blocks of shares... even the slightest jump in price can hand you a windfall.

Right now is the perfect time to invest in these penny stocks.

Because with gigantic gains in your portfolio you could definitely makeup any losses from the last couple of years – and then some!

Revolutionary New Portfolio Tracks
the Hottest Penny Stocks
Five Traits of a Penny Cap Winner

With all great wealth comes a great story.

When we latch on to a company with a great story, we identify telltale signs of success that virtually guarantees huge profits for early-in investors. For instance...

It's innovative. All great companies are innovators. They change business, and virtually eliminate competition. Think about how many companies Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Netflix have put out of business... and how profitable they've been for investors.

It's unleashing a 'disruptive' technology. Disruptive technologies create new industries, and shake up the way business is done. These little companies with new patents make it almost impossible for competition to get in on the action for years.

There's a catalyst. A coming event can send a tiny stock through the roof. Imagine owning a tiny pharmaceutical ahead of FDA drug approval... or a little software company before a major takeover. These future events can make investors ridiculously wealthy.

It's reasonably cheap. Often stocks trading as penny stocks don't deserve to be. Sometimes an analyst downgrade, a lawsuit, or a missed FDA approval can cause a stock to plummet. By sifting through the wreckage we can find stocks ready to bounce-back and hand shareholders huge gains.

The TRUTH! The 'truth' is something you can't find reading annual reports or doing online searches. It's something only years of experience can determine. We often visit corporate headquarters, meet corporate executives and ask tough questions. Only then can we determine if a company is true to its word and poised for success.
As you may know – asset allocation models are flawed.

They’re flawed because they never recommend exposure to micro-cap stocks, which hold the greatest potential for huge gains.

Think about it. Almost every portfolio allocation on the planet recommends holding large caps, foreign stocks, bonds, precious metals and real estate.

Yet, none of these investments are known for producing gigantic returns. Instead, they typically earn whatever the market as a whole is yielding (plus or minus a few percentage points).

That’s a fast route to nowhere. And exactly why we created a portfolio that exclusively singles out the most compelling micro-cap companies.

It's called the Penny Cap Portfolio.

And it offers you a safe way to invest in the profit-exploding stocks brokers are ‘forbidden’ from recommending…

Less Risk...
Higher Returns

When we make a recommendation, it's super easy for you because we suggest exactly how much you could invest.

Our range is always between $50 and $250.

That's what's so great – you can get started with very little. And it's likely you'll be playing with the houses' money after just a trade or two.

Here's what's so great about the Penny Cap Portfolio – we never recommend more than $1,000 invested at a time. In other words, just $1,000 could buy every single stock in the entire portfolio.

Of course, you might decide to invest more money in each recommendation, too, no one's stopping you.

Bottom line: You could book explosive gains on the next three stocks we add to the Penny Cap Portfolio just days from now.

Which brings me to why I'm writing you today...

I've prepared a detailed report on the three Penny Cap stocks I mentioned earlier, and I'd like to rush it to you right away.

It's called Penny Stock Riches: The Secret to Building Real Wealth.

Here's why I'd like to send you this research free of charge...

What's Our Secret to Finding
Tiny Stocks Ahead of the Crowd?
My name is Robert Williams.

I've spent years working as the lead financial analyst for a Forbes top-50 private corporation, but today I'm the Publisher of a progressive investment advisory letter called WSD Insider.

Each month our readers get the inside scoop on innovative small-cap companies long before they ever register a blip on Wall Street's radar.

In short, our team isolates little companies doubling profits... operating in multi-billion dollar industries... with little or no competition.

Companies destined to soar higher no matter what's happening with housing, the economy, or the stock market.

We track these companies in our WSD Insider Portfolio – it's the only portfolio of small-cap recommendations that solely tracks genuine business innovation.

Of the twenty positions we closed this year, 15 were winners.

In other words, our accuracy rate is 75%.

Some recently closed winners include…
  • 82.59% gains on ILMN, booked on July 27.
  • 29.63% gains on AIS, booked on August 5.
  • 55.28% gains on IDCC, booked on June 20.

    *Results are through September 6, 2011.
Over the last nine months, at a time when the Dow is down 4%... we've booked 15 winners in our model portfolio for over 544% in cumulative gains (including losers).

These are the types of gains WSD Insider readers have come to expect time and again.

But we expect bigger returns from our new Penny Cap Portfolio – and the three stocks we just uncovered.

In fact, the gains could be a heck of a lot bigger.

Quadruple-Digit Gains... It's Possible

Finding quality penny stocks is no small task.

But as you'll see, our team consists of the world's leading penny stock and small-cap experts.

And now the general public can access the Penny Cap Portfolio... and you have the rare opportunity to be among the first.

Keep in mind, timing these opportunities perfectly is critical. If you hesitate, you risk the chance of too many people getting in and share prices running up.

You see, unlike ETFs, mutual funds and blue-chip stocks, as volume on penny stocks increases, shares can soar.

But you don't have to worry about all of the details of how this strategy works, or the timing of when to make a trade – that's our job.

Our research eliminates all the guesswork for you.

All you have to do is check your email... learn what we're focused on... decide if you want to follow the recommendations and how much you want to invest... and wait for the quadruple-digit gains to come in.

Then do it again... and again... and again.

You'll get full details on all these Penny Caps in Penny Stock Riches: The Secret to Building Real Wealth.

You'll receive this report free, just for trying our research.

But there's something else I'd like to send you free, too...

Tap into the Hottest Investment Trend on Earth

Networking giant, Cisco, just released its latest insights and predictions about global internet traffic.

Over the next five years, the number of internet connected devices is expected to double to twice the global population.
Two Penny Caps...

This is really exciting... Our top analyst has alerted me that two new penny caps just hit his radar. And we want to share the details with you right away... JUST ADDED:

Grabbing a HUGE Chunk of a $50 Billion Industry

This company’s a key player in an unusual niche market: logistics scheduling, tracking and shipping management. In short, it takes orders from its customers and farms out the shipping to thousands of independent operators. And it just got a massive $150 million investment from a big name investor whose last endeavor could’ve doubled your money. But this under-the-radar play could make you even more.

All Aboard a Genuine Hypergrowth Trend

This impending SUPERSTAR is wonderfully levered to one of the most compelling hypergrowth trends in the world today: video games. We've exploited the trend in the portfolio once before, locking in a 40.3% gain in Glu Mobile (Nasdaq: GLUU). Yet the data suggests that our upside here is even BIGGER. The company's client list already includes gaming-industry blue-chips like Electronic Arts, Disney and Activision. Gains here could defy the logic of standard analysis

That means by 2015 there will be two internet-connected devices per person in the world.

In the process, Cisco expects internet traffic to increase four-fold to 966 exabytes.

To put such an enormous number into perspective, before long, we’ll be sending the data equivalent of every movie ever made across the internet every five minutes!

However, if we drilldown into the data further, an even more compelling trend surfaces… the explosive use of mobile devices.

Yet despite Cisco’s rosy growth projections, there’s a problem… Mobile internet traffic can’t magically increase by triple digits each year.

The infrastructure needs to be built before the traffic surge can be handled. More specifically, we need faster, more efficient and higher capacity networks.

And that’s where a tiny San Jose, California-based company comes in.

This company is in the early stages of rolling out a potentially disruptive technology called 'thin film polymer on silicon' (TFPS).

TFPS offers faster response time, increased stability, reliable operation at high temperatures and lower power consumption.

Not surprising, its sales have jumped nearly 17% per year since 2007. And product revenue has jumped a whopping 38%, year-over-year.

But despite its solid sales, there’s another reason this company’s stock could pop in the near future, it’s sitting on 108 patents and 40 patent applications.

Simply put, this high-growth company is set to soar and its perfectly positioned to exploit profits to the max.

It’s a soon-to-be leader in the explosive mobile market… yet few Wall Street analysts even know the company exists.

With accelerating growth… technological superiority… the only thing that would make this opportunity sweeter would be getting shares on the cheap. And you can.

You’ll find all the details on how to profit from this amazing opportunity in the report The Mobile Explosion’s Ultimate Micro-Cap Pure Play: How One Tiny Company is Pushing the Wireless Boom to the Outer Edge of Profits.

I’ll rush you a copy of this report right away, just for trying our research.

Who We Are... and What We Can Do for You

At Wall Street Daily, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve great wealth.

If you're interested in investing, the amount of money in your account shouldn't hinder the quality of research and recommendations you receive.

And WSD Insider is a great way to level the playing field and help you get rich.

Chief Investment Strategist, Louis Basenese, Has Received This Unsolicited Feedback...

"We are up over 100% in RVBD and MA!!!!!! Selling those is going to make my accountant's head spin." – Don G.

"Thanks Louis. You have done wonderful work in this volatile market." – Amit S.

"Your exec summaries are thoroughly researched, well written, timely and to the point... I have experienced excellent returns in Home Inns and Hotels." – Arnold P.

"I have now recovered my initial investment and am up over 240% on my remaining shares... I look forward to a long and continuing relationship." – Andrew K.

"I wanted to say that I like your style of not trading just for the sake of trading. Your excellent research prevents us from losing money." – Steven Z.
You see, we specialize in finding under-the-radar investments, capable of handing you market-trouncing performance.

But as you can imagine, singling out these stocks takes time... and exhaustive research.

In fact, it typically takes us three to six months to identify the next small cap we believe is destined to ride a wave of institutional demand.

If you don't have that kind of time, don't worry...

Our Team Does All
the Work for You

As WSD Insider readers know, our team of experts and I do all the work for you.

Led by Chief Investment Strategist, Louis Basenese, our progressive group includes three of the brightest minds in the financial markets today.

A world-renowned options expert who's garnered the attention of high-profile media outlets, like CNBC... a floor trader direct from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange... and a top analyst that any research firm would pay top dollar to get onboard...

Together, this group brings decades of experience to the WSD team. And they deliver results to you every month in our fast-paced investment advisory letter called WSD Insider.

As we speak, we're scouring earnings reports, talking with venture capitalists and private equity shops, and conducting on-the-ground due diligence on over 25 other potential opportunities.

And the only way to find out about these stocks – and all future opportunities we uncover – is to get a subscription to WSD Insider.

Reading WSD Insider can help make you a much richer and smarter person.

But don't take my word for it. Here are a few recent comments our readers just sent us...

Our Readers Are Getting Rich
“I bought 1,000 shares on July 16. I am up $7,200 so far. Thanks for the great recommendation.” - Jerry H.
“Gentlemen, I can't thank you enough for your recommendation. In less than one month, I’m sitting on a gain of 64%. Keep up the good work!” - Martin W.

“I closed out my positions today with a 143% gain in three weeks!” - Rich U.
“I bought on July 6 and sold today. A pure double. Who could ask for anything more?” - Solon L.

“Just wanted to say thanks. I had 1,000 shares in my Roth, so not only did I become $10,000 richer, I don’t have to pay taxes on it! My broker was tickled pink. But of course, I don’t tell him where my ideas come from! Keep it up.” - Gerry W.

These are just a few of the hundreds of emails we get each month from our readers. Yes, we do get an occasional email letting us know "how we can do better" but the majority of our letters read like these.

That's because our readers get well-researched recommendations and have the opportunity to make more money than they could ever get from a TV 'guru' or the financial papers.

My point is: WSD Insider unearths companies long before they become mainstream news.

Before I give you details on how to get started, I'd like to tell you about an exciting commodity company we just uncovered...

The World’s Most Precious Commodity
We’ve found a tiny Singapore-based commodity company that’s cornering the $460 billion ‘blue gold’ market.

And, of course, there’s only a finite supply of drinkable water – which is a huge problem considering the global population (around 6.9 billion people) is expected to grow 40% to 50% over the next 50 years.

By 2025, water demand is projected to exceed supply by 56%. Demand is doubling every two years. And serious shortages already affect nearly 450 million people in over 29 countries.

To be blunt: The world is running out of water.

Countries like China, India and Latin America are in dire straits.

  • China and India account for 40% of the world’s population. Yet neither country has potable tap water. Two-thirds of China’s cities face water shortages. And in big cities like New Delhi, ground water is expected to dry up by 2015.

  • In Latin America, about 15% of the population – 76 million people – lacks safe drinking water. And 116 million don’t have sanitation services.
So what’s the answer?

Well, there are increasingly innovative ways to make clean water from dirty water. And one company is doing just that in the most critical of regions…

It’s a well-diversified company with expertise in seawater desalination, water recycling and purification, wastewater treatment and potable water treatment. Its desalination efforts are among the top in the world.

With target markets of China, India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia – areas that comprise more than 50% of the world’s market… this tiny company – with less than a $1.2 billion market cap – is poised to hand early investors windfall profits.

Consider this, over the next nine years alone, China is expected to spend nearly half a trillion dollars on clean water.

Simply put, the water revolution is a ‘no-brainer.’

This tiny company remains under-the-radar of most investment analysts. But not for long…

Since 2006, its revenue shot up by 400%, and its earnings per share has jumped 250% over the same period.

In other words, sales are ramping up significantly, and we expect Wall Street to take note in the very near future.

You'll get all the details on this amazing little company in our special report: The Water Scarcity Report: With the Power of 6.9 Billion People Behind it, This Water Play is Virtually Assured to Profit.

I'll also rush you this report for free when you decide to try our research.

Of course, you'll get everything else I mentioned earlier, too.

Why This Opportunity May
Not Be Right for You

Sorry for being blunt, but WSD Insider is not for everyone.

We don't recommend boring dividend-paying blue chips... or stodgy non-cyclical stocks... bonds... or classic value stocks.

That's not our style...

Instead, we focus on unearthing the market's fastest-growing, most cutting-edge companies. Companies suited for aggressive and opportunistic individuals only.

All of our plays trade exclusively on major exchanges... But they tend to be smaller, under-the-radar investments.

In other words, you won't find our recommendations touted in the pages of The Wall Street Journal. Not yet, at least.

So if you're ready to invest in fast-moving small caps, high-flying options and the most explosive penny stocks, one-step ahead of Wall Street, I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity...

Not Just a Newsletter... a Roadmap to Wealth

When you agree to try WSD Insider you'll get a complete roadmap – with strategies and investment ideas – so you can build your wealth.

Here's what your subscription includes:

A confidential monthly report... Every month you'll receive a new report, mailed and emailed to you with the identity of the newest additions to our WSD Insider Portfolio (months before Wall Street even has a clue).
Weekly portfolio updates... These contain in-depth analysis and important updates on stocks in our model trading portfolio, plus insights into opportunities we are currently researching.
Instant market updates... The minute a fast-moving development occurs, you'll get an alert so you can lock-in profits or minimize losses.
Private website access... You'll get your own password so you can log on to our private website anytime – day or night. Here you'll find a comprehensive overview of our model portfolios, all of our recommendations, and a constantly expanding library of special reports on specific, time-sensitive opportunities.
The WSD Insider Mailbag... This is where you'll find our answers to subscribers' questions, which may be ones you've been asking yourself. And, for the record, we don't dodge the hard ones.
And more...

The time to put your money to work and make up for previous losses is right now – and that's why you should at least try WSD Insider today.

And we reduced the price to just $99 per year.

But by acting today, I'll make this opportunity even better for you...

You Get Half Off the Listed Price

As I mentioned, the listed price for a one-year subscription for this fast-moving, wealth-building research is $99.

Considering just one of the research reports I'll send could make you thousands of dollars, we feel this is very reasonable.

But we're also realistic...

We know these are tough economic times, people are struggling. And that many people think explosive opportunities like these are risky.

So to remove any barriers and to prove that we can make you much richer – the cost to subscribe is now just $49.50. That's the cost of a modest dinner for two.

I think you'll agree this is a great offer.

But I want to make this a complete no-brainer for you...

Join Today and Risk Nothing
I know there's a lot of 'hype' in the newsletter industry. Many of our competitors make big promises, only to under-deliver.

We truly are different... and I don't want you to take my word for it.

Reader Richard Hyde from Worcester, MA, put it best:
“I just want to say you guys have done an outstanding job. My doublers have me singing your praises. Thanks and keep up the good work. I have my 18-year-old son investing in some of your plays. At this rate he will be able to retire handsomely.”
So here's what I'm doing: Claim your subscription and all of the reports and research, everything.

Then take 45 days to decide if this newsletter and our research is right for you. If you're not thrilled, simply contact our Member Services Group within 45 days and receive a full refund.

But here's the thing, even if you decide this is not right for you, you keep everything...

Special Report #1
Penny Stock Riches: The Secret to Building Real Wealth

Special Report #2
The Mobile Explosion’s Ultimate Micro-Cap Pure Play: How One Tiny Company is Pushing the Wireless Boom to the Outer Edge of Profits

Special Report #3
The Water Scarcity Report: With the Power of 6.9 Billion People Behind it, This Water Play is Virtually Assured to Profit

But there's another reason to act fast.

This is a Limited Time Offer

The companies revealed in Penny Stock Riches have small market caps. If too many investors pile in at the same time, shares could soar.

And we're not in the business of moving stocks.

If you wait, this offer will be gone.

So if you're interested in discovering the Penny Caps that could turn $50 into windfall profits, then please claim your subscription today.

It takes just three minutes, and it costs only $49.50.

Simply click here or call 866.444.1556 or 630.585.2795 and mention Priority Code: PWCXN201.

We'll rush you your Welcome Kit right away, and give you access to the reports immediately.

I look forward to having you onboard for a profitable year ahead.

Ahead of the tape,

Robert Williams
WSD Insider
September 2011

P.S. Keep in mind, this offer has a strict limit. Don't wait another minute, it could mean missing out on life-changing returns. Simply CLICK HERE to take advantage of this opportunity now.

P.P.S. Remember, we are so convinced that WSD Insider will boost your wealth by 10 times... that if you're not 100% thrilled, you have 45 days to get a prompt and full refund. That way, you risk nothing.

And whatever you decide, all of the reports and research you receive is yours to keep for giving us a try.